Who We Are

The History of the Palmyra Ambulance Association

The Palmyra Ambulance Association comes from humble beginnings of a few community members coming together to serve a community need- quick transportation to local hospitals.
Formed soon as the Palmyra Ambulance Association and serving the borough of Palmyra members from all walks of life came together to turn an old car dealership into one of the nation's first volunteer First Aid stations.
Soon, through training and donated vehicles, the Association began to take calls for service.
Through the years, the need arose for Palmyra Ambulance Association's role to expand, and eventually we grew to serve the borough of Riverton and Cinnaminson township.
We soon acknowledged our growing responsibilities and the Palmyra Ambulance Association officially became the Palmyra-Cinnaminson-Riverton EMS station to reflect the communities we serve.
Our station grew to three vehicles and an active roster of close to 100 community members responding to an ever increasing call volume.
As the 2000s went on, our call volume came to such a point that we could no longer sustain response on volunteers alone and began our current state as a hybrid career/volunteer station, as we are today.
Today, we have a volunteer roster of 20 members and a career staff of 8 full time and 20 per diem that continue our original mission- serving our community, one call at a time by answering calls on the street, performing EMS standbys for community events, our EMS education outreach and more.
The tools and techniques may have changed since 1921, but the spirit to serve our communities still exists and is exemplified by our crew members each and every day.
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