Patient Billing

AIM EMS Billing services is an outside billing agency that processes all of our medical claims. Their address is 892 New Castle Road, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. handles all patient billing inquires for Palmyra-Cinnaminson-Riverton EMS. Please contact them at (724) 794-1222

PCREMS is a professional healthcare organization that provides emergency treatment and transport to all citizens and visitors of Palmyra, Cinnaminson and Riverton. We are a non-profit, and we function as a third service provider of emergency response; though we partner with other first responder agencies to assist with medical care, we are not part of the Fire Department or Police Department.

Just like a doctor’s office or a hospital, we charge patients a fee based upon the level of care and/or transport we provide. By providing our EMS crews with your health insurance information, we are able to bill your insurance provider directly for the services rendered. Sharing this information with the responding EMT's at the time of service can assist with the billing process so you can focus on a speedy recovery from your illness or injury.

PCREMS contracts with a third party vendor, Aim EMS Software & Services, in order to provide the most streamlined and customer service oriented processing of payments for service.

Palmyra Ambulance Association (Palmyra-Cinnaminson-Riverton EMS) is required to maintain a patient privacy policy (HIPPA), which is mandated by the federal government. Therefore, the squad can only release or discuss patient records and payment with consent from the following:

  • The patient's written request

  • The patient's parent or legal guardian

  • The patient's power of attorney

  • A court issued subpoena