Palmyra/Cinnaminson/Riverton EMS has some exciting news! We have expanded our operations and opened a full-time substation at 1702 Riverton Road, just off of Route 130 in Cinnaminson. Due to the growing number of calls for emergency service, growing to nearly 3,000 calls each year across Palmyra, Cinnaminson and Riverton, PCREMS, in working with our other emergency response organizations has recognized a growing need to expand our operations to properly cover the towns we are committed to serve.

The Palmyra/Cinnaminson/Riverton EMS was formed in 1921 as the (Palmyra Ambulance Association), The squad is a NON-PROFIT organization and is not funded by any fire department or Fire District budget in any of the towns we are committed to serve. We depend on insurance payments and the generosity during our fund drive. This is a true fee for service.

Palmyra/Cinnaminson/Riverton EMS offers Emergency Medical Services to the Tri-Boro communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Palmyra/Cinnaminson/Riverton EMS today has a volunteer roster of over 40 members and a career staff of 25 that continue our original mission of serving all three towns, one call at a time and being the original shared service.

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2018 PCREMS Officers & Supervisors

Palmyra-Cinnaminson-Riverton EMS has announced their 2018 Officers & Supervisors Chief Danny Norman Deputy Chief Kim Brown Captain John Quigg III Lieutenant Kristin Adams Supervisor Mike McKinsey Supervisor Melissa Goyette...

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Station 808 HAS A NEW HOME

Palmyra-Cinnaminson-Riverton EMS has opened up Station 808 at a new location: 1702 Riverton Road in Cinnaminson. Further details will be released at a later date. ...

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Did you know that making sure your house and mailbox are clearly numbered will aid in responses by EMS, Fire, and Police, which ultimately can save valuable minutes in your time of need?? As you go to get todays mail, take a look at your mailbox. Is it clear and free from weeds and high grass? Are the numbers of the box missing, maybe peeled or fallen off. Make note and have the debris cle...

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